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Nicolas Pirson

.me=(∏r son(Nicolas) ²)/180

Sr. Web-developer - Sr. Photographer
[FR - NL - EN]
contact :
Louis Mettewie bld. 77 b 23   
1080 Brussels - Belgium
+32 (0) 496 / 51.13.92

Nicolas, Pirson, Photographe, développeur, web, internet, design, Bruxelles, Belgique, Hépatites, virales, foie, cirrhose, cancer, gastro, entérologie, pancreas, système digestif, informations, contamination, coinfections, traitement, médicaments, traitement, asat, alat, gammas gt, ggt, got, gpt, fatigue, dépression, libido, travail, chronique, sida, vih

Nicolas, Pirson, Photographer, developer, web, internet, design, Brussels, Belgium,hepatitis, viral, liver, cirrhosis, cancer, gastro, enterology, pancreas, digestive system, information, contamination, coinfection, cure, drugs, medication, trials, asat, alat, ggt, got, gpt, fatigue, depression, libido, work, disease, chronical, chronic, aids, hiv

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